November 4, 2013

Mary Landrieu Would Vote For ObamaCare Again ‘Tomorrow,’ ‘Period’

Mary Landrieu’s (D-LA) declaration from the end of September that she would vote for ObamaCare again is being noticed after its disastrous launch.

“I’m not for delaying the mandate, I would vote again for the Affordable Care Act,” Landrieu said. “I am for the Affordable Care Act. Period. End.”

This is consistent with Landrieu’s August 2013 remarks at Legis-Gator where she told the audience that she would vote for ObamaCare again “tomorrow.”

LANDRIEU: “No more free riders. Everyone has to share responsibility. So we can keep a healthy workforce, and keep it strong. And I can give you more information about it. If I had to vote for the bill again, I would vote for it tomorrow. There are a lot of good things about this bill.”