February 2, 2017

MASSIVE HYPOCRITE: Tammy Baldwin To Filibuster Judge Neil Gorsuch

Senator Tammy Baldwin (D-WI) just told the people of Wisconsin that they cannot trust a thing she says. All last year Baldwin said that a Supreme Court vacancy hurt the Supreme Court, that keeping the seat open was “outrageous,” and that a Supreme Court nominee deserved “a timely vote”:

“On Supreme Court vacancies, the Constitution is also clear. Under article 2 of the Constitution, the president shall appoint judges to the Supreme Court, and the Senate’s role is to provide advice and consent. So it’s the constitutional duty of the president to select a Supreme Court nominee, and the Senate has responsibility to give that nominee a fair consideration with a timely hearing and a timely vote.”

The people of Wisconsin can forget all that empty rhetoric because Baldwin announced today that she will be filibustering Judge Neil Gorsuch’s nomination:

On all three counts, Baldwin is flip-flopping from what she said last year. This is a truly shameful action by Baldwin, and one that will certainly not be forgotten on Election Day in 2018.