April 20, 2017

McCaskill’s “Dark Money” Hypocrisy Spotlighted In Missouri

Yesterday, both the Springfield News-Leader and the Kansas City Star reported on Senator Claire McCaskill’s hypocrisy on campaign finance. Earlier this week, Majority Forward, a “dark money” group tied to Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY), spent $500,000 in support of McCaskill.

Yet last week McCaskill claimed that she was strongly opposed to “dark money” groups supporting her:

“‘If it doesn’t say ‘paid for by the candidate,’ and if there isn’t a disclaimer that says ‘I approve this message’ or my opponent approves this message, ignore it. Pay no attention to it. It’s probably not true.'”

In the face of such massive hypocrisy, you’d think McCaskill would come out with a strongly worded denouncement of Majority Forward’s actions. As the Kansas City Star pointed out, McCaskill claimed that Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision was the “‘worst Supreme Court decision in our lifetime’ at a town hall in Parkville last week.”

Yet speaking with the Springfield News-Leader and the Kansas City Star, her spokesman could offer only the most milquetoast defense. If the only fight McCaskill is going to put up is her spokesman saying she “stands by her point” it shows that her position against “dark money” is all talk.