February 22, 2016

McGinty Attacks Outside Spending Hours After Rendell Says She Will “Need” Outside Spending

During Friday evening’s Democratic primary debate, Pennsylvania senate candidate Katie McGinty repeatedly decried the influence of “dark money” and outside spending in politics, despite having the backing of the national Democratic establishment and eagerly touting the endorsement of outside “dark money” groups like the League of Conservation Voters and Planned Parenthood.

McGinty said, “dark money and money in politics really threatens our democracy more than just about anything else. It is drowning out a person’s right to have their voice heard.”

The problem with McGinty’s attempt to channel Bernie Sanders to appeal to liberal Democrats? Just hours before the candidates took the stage National Journal published an interview with McGinty’s campaign chairman, former Governor Ed Rendell, where Rendell said flat-out that McGinty could only win with help from “outside groups”:

For McGinty to beat Sestak, she’ll have to connect with a wide audience. And even Rendell acknowledges that McGinty has a fundraising problem, despite the thousands of dollars rolling in from the political action committees of Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid and several other senators.

According to the latest public figures, Sestak has a $1.4 millon advantage over McGinty (in part because he has been campaigning longer) and both are several million dollars in the hole behind Toomey. In an interview with National Journal, Rendell said McGinty won’t be able to raise enough money “conventionally” from individual donors at $2,700 a pop, but through an independent expenditure from outside groups like EMILY’s List. “They really need to go on TV”,” he said.

Also missing from McGinty’s talking points was the fact that she actually served as the chairman of an outside group – in 2014 she chaired Governor Tom Wolf’s political action committee.

This isn’t the first time McGinty has played fast and loose with the truth on outside spending – just weeks ago she sent a fundraising email that was lampooned by the press for falsely claiming that millions of dollars in pro-Democrat outside spending had been spent against her.

McGinty’s empty rhetoric clearly rang hollow with the grassroots activists in the audience; she came in dead last in the straw poll taken after the debate: