October 20, 2016

McGinty Blasted For Budget Impasse, Personal Emails During Ed Board

Katie McGinty showed her true colors during an editorial board meeting with PennLive.com this morning. The ed board writers repeatedly pressed McGinty on topics she had no interest in discussing, namely her failure as Gov. Wolf’s chief of staff to broker a budget deal with the legislature (and subsequent banishment from negotiations due to her deeply partisan approach) and her own email scandal, which is preventing Pennsylvania voters from seeing her emails before Election Day.

In fact, there’s probably a reason why McGinty was unable to name an issue of significance in which she differs from Hillary Clinton – her answers during today’s ed board mimicked Clinton’s talking points almost verbatim.

On the issue of the budget negotiations, McGinty repeatedly shirked any responsibility for the impasse that resulted from her leadership. When pressed again by the ed board about her role, particularly in light of her claims that she would be able to get anything done in Washington, McGinty chalked it up to “a lot of new people in a lot of new positions” and “everybody was feeling their way through” the process. That doesn’t exactly inspire confidence in McGinty’s abilities.

Later, when pressed about the PA GOP’s ethics complaint that McGinty was conducting personal business on the taxpayer dime, McGinty admitted that was correct. “This was a personal note on a personal account to a personal friend about a personal life decision,” McGinty said. When asked about it being during work hours and that violating the Governor’s Code of Conduct, McGinty laughably excused herself by claiming that she worked “24 hours a day.”