February 15, 2016

McGinty Doubles Down On Donation Dishonesty In Disastrous TV Interview

Two weeks after Pennsylvania senate candidate Katie McGinty denied receiving campaign contributions from the oil and gas industry in a Democratic candidate forum, the controversy over her inaccurate claim rages on.

In an interview on NBC Philadelphia’s “@Issue” on Sunday, McGinty was given yet another chance to set the record straight, but instead she continued to defend her false statement.

Despite three follow-up questions from clearly incredulous anchor Lauren Mayk, McGinty gave increasingly vague explanations of why oil and gas industry contributions were not, in fact, oil and gas industry contributions. By the end of the interview, McGinty’s spin appeared to be that because Pennsylvania had regulated the energy industry when she served at the state’s Department of Environmental Protection – a government entity specifically tasked with regulating the energy industry – she was somehow immune from criticism for being dishonest about her donors.

ANCHOR: “That was an ad with a little bit of your response there. I did look up your finances. You did get a contribution from the vice president for policy and strategy at the American Gas Association. So, how do you explain your answer? Do you feel you were perfectly transparent?

MCGINTY: “Sure, I do not have endorsements or PAC money from the drillers, the frackers –”

ANCHOR: “But they didn’t ask about PAC money, they asked about money.”

MCGINTY: “Yeah they did, that’s exactly right. And I do not have money from the drillers and fracking organization and associations.”

In the fourth quarter of 2015 alone, McGinty received over $28,000 from individuals and organizations within the oil and gas industry. Directly at odds with McGinty’s claim regarding “drillers” and “frackers,” she reported multiple contributions from executives and lobbyists for Talisman Energy USA, a fracking company that drills wells in Pennsylvania and is owned by Spanish energy company Repsol, described as “one of the largest privately-owned oil and gas players in the world.”

See McGinty’s Fourth Quarter oil and gas contributions here:

Katie McGinty's Q4 Oil & Gas Industry Contributions by America Rising PAC