September 8, 2016

McGinty To The Left Of Elizabeth Warren On Middle Class Tax Hikes

Tomorrow uber-liberal Senator Elizabeth Warren will be campaigning with Pennsylvania Senate candidate Katie McGinty. Warren has made a name as a firebrand who wants to expand government to an almost unimaginable size. Yet even Warren does not support raising taxes on those making less than $250,000.

Yesterday though, McGinty showed that on taxes she’s even farther to the left than Warren. Speaking with reporters, McGinty was pressed on how her proposals would impact the middle class. When the conversation turned to taxes, McGinty imploded in a way not seen since her “panned” DNC speech. Asked three times to pledge that she wouldn’t raise taxes on Pennsylvania families making under $250,000 she dodged:

“Asked by reporters if that meant she would oppose any tax increases on people earning less than $250,000 a year, McGinty wasn’t firm. ‘I’m talking about tax cuts – that’s where my focus is,’ she said.”

McGinty was then asked again if she’d commit to sparing the middle class, she again demurred:

“Asked then if she would rule out tax increases for anyone earning between $50,000 and $250,000, McGinty said, ‘I have been proposing tax cuts – that’s where my focus is. I think that working people in the middle class need a break, that’s what my whole campaign is about.'”

Asked a third time, McGinty again declined to go on record opposing tax hikes on the middle class:

“Questioned a third time by reporters, she said, ‘I don’t have any interest in tax increases on middle class families.'”

In total, McGinty was asked three times to affirm that she won’t harm the middle class with a ruinous tax hike and she couldn’t do it. Perhaps when you’re accustomed to meeting with San Francisco venture capitalists on the taxpayer’s dime, like McGinty is, you lose touch with what makes someone middle class. Whatever the case, Pennsylvania deserves better.