February 3, 2016

McGinty Under Fire For Energy Record Lies, Hypocrisy

Katie McGinty is taking heat from her primary opponents and the media for what many on the left view as a hypocritical record of supporting fracking while claiming to be an Al Gore-style environmentalist, and compounding that weakness by lying about her contributions from the fossil fuel industry during a recent candidate forum.

Following McGinty’s laughable claim that she hasn’t received campaign contributions from the oil and gas industry in Sunday’s forum, America Rising released a list of over a dozen such donations from a single reporting period.

Evidence of McGinty’s falsehood prompted the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette to askDid McGinty blow smoke on fossil-fuel support”? and The Morning Call to query the McGinty campaign, which responded with their go-to strategy of bragging about the establishment endorsements that have had zero impact on her poll numbers.

(Oh, and in the meantime McGinty got called out by PennLive on Tuesday for a fundraising email that “takes more than a few liberties with the facts” on outside spending in the race.)

Braddock Mayor and Bernie Sanders backer John Fetterman piled on with a YouTube “FACT CHECK” of McGinty’s false statement Wednesday morning:

With coverage of her blunder extending into a third day, the last thing McGinty needed was this headline from online magazine OZY:

Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 10.19.41 AM

McGinty’s doubletalk and conflicts of interest related to her energy record has been the subject of scrutiny for months, and McGinty has yet to provide good answers to Pennsylvania voters.