December 2, 2015

McGinty Wants Obama To Lead On Climate, Doesn’t Have A Position On His Plan

Pennsylvania senate candidate Katie McGinty is trying to piggyback on President Obama’s trip to attend the United Nations climate talks in Paris to call on U.S. officials to “lead the way” on “climate protections” and “investments in energy efficiency and clean energy,” according to a report from Politics PA. McGinty’s statement continued:

“In the U.S., we should seize the opportunity to create good jobs and cut electricity bills for taxpayers by boosting efficiency and clean energy,” McGinty said. “Capturing and using the enormous heat generated by current power plants and driving forward on renewable energy development will create jobs and bring down energy costs for hardworking families across the country.”

McGinty’s call for leadership is at odds with her refusal to take a position on the EPA’s proposed Clean Power Plan, a primary initiative of President Obama’s climate policy. McGinty hasn’t released any statements or answered questions about the policy, and passed on the opportunity to clarify her position when asked by an America Rising tracker:

This is the latest in a pattern of McGinty seeking to use her “green” credentials to appeal to Democrats as she faces a three-way primary, without committing herself to liberal environmental policies that would damage Pennsylvania’s economy and kill energy jobs. For example, McGinty called for putting a price on carbon in 2007 – which could take the form of a carbon tax or cap-and-trade – and openly supported cap-and-trade in a 2009 op-ed. However, she’s kept notably silent on these contentious proposals in her campaign for senate.

McGinty’s silence on specifics may have something to do with projections that the EPA’s Clean Power Plan would radically raise energy costs and hurt Pennsylvania workers and families.

That explains why after nearly four months as a senate candidate, McGinty still doesn’t have an “issues” section on her campaign website.