October 18, 2015

Meet Andy Be$hear

The Lexington Herald-Leader is out with a profile piece of Andy Beshear. But the aspiring Attorney General’s campaign might not be so happy with some of what the paper chose to highlight.

Andy Beshear claims independence from his Governor father but as many state contractors have learned, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree:

“Unable to give more money to the elder Beshear, who is limited by law to two terms, scores of Beshear administration appointees, state contractors, Frankfort lobbyists and executives from state-regulated corporations poured a fortune into Andy Beshear’s campaign.”

But even when it does, Kentuckians should be concerned about the source of Andy Beshear’s record-breaking sums:

“Apart from his father’s political network, Andy Beshear has collected large sums from executives and political action committees tied to corporations that have been sued or prosecuted by Kentucky’s attorney general.”

The Herald-Leader also points out some of the parts of Andy Beshear’s professional history the Beshear campaign might prefer to sweep under the rug. Including bankrupting a Kentucky town, “an out-of-state ‘home repair’ company” accused of deceptive marketing, and declining to tell the public who he really represents:

Andy Beshear declined to identify clients he has represented in Frankfort before his father’s administration or the office of Democratic Attorney General Jack Conway, whom he hopes to succeed. ‘Attorney General defense’ is one of his practice areas, according to his professional biography on the Stites & Harbison website.”

With only a few weeks left before Election Day, Andy Beshear should be worried that too many people might meet the real Beshear.