April 14, 2016

Meet Hillary Clinton’s Corrupt Inner Circle

Having lost 8 of the last 9 contests, Hillary Clinton is limping into the New York with even more problems with her honesty and trustworthiness numbers. Unethical conduct is not limited to just the Clintons – it runs rampant throughout their inner circle:

Clinton's Unethical Inner Circle Governor Terry McAuliffe: Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe was once the chairman of Hillary Clinton’s 2008 campaign and raised untold sums of money for the presidential candidate, but these days he has problems of his own to deal with. Gov. McAuliffe is now involved in an open criminal probe into the failure of an Appomatox factory project that cost Virginia taxpayer’s $1.4 million.

Mayor Bill DeBlasio: In the year 2000, current New York City Mayor Bill DeBlasio served as the campaign manager for Hillary Clinton’s Senate campaign. Now, Mayor DeBlasio is at the center of an investigation led by the U.S. attorney’s office into quid pro quo allegations regarding campaign donations and special treatment from the mayor’s office.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel: Long known as an important Clinton confidante after serving in President Bill Clinton’s administration, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel has recently come under fire for plans to direct undercover officers to spy on protesters.

The continued legal troubles for Hillary Clinton’s unethical inner circle only serve to further her problems with trustworthiness and questionable judgment among voters. When these are your closest friends and confidantes, can you really be trusted to lead the country?