October 26, 2015

Meet John Bel Edwards

Louisiana Democratic gubernatorial candidate John Bel Edwards is a national unknown, and has sought to capitalize on that fact to present himself as a “relatively conservative” Democrat in order to seem more appealing to Louisiana voters. However, a closer look at his record as a state legislator reveals him to be a prototypical liberal Democrat who is out of touch with Louisiana values.

Here’s what you need to know about John Bel Edwards:

1. John Bel Edwards Supports President Obama And ObamaCare. Edwards has supported President Obama and his policies since 2008, affirming that he voted for the President in the past two presidential elections. After it became clear in his first term that President Obama’s policies were bad for Louisiana, Edwards doubled down on his support, serving as an Obama delegate for the 2012 Democratic National Convention. Edwards has made it clear he will support and expand ObamaCare if elected governor, and derided Republican opposition to the controversial law as “politically-based stances on the health care reform law.”

2. John Bel Edwards Has Supported Pro-Union Policies “100 Percent Of The Time.” As a state legislator, Edwards is known for his unwavering support of union-backed legislation. He marched so firmly in lockstep with the union bosses that he received State Union’s legislator of the year award for voting with the unions “100 percent of the time.”

In his campaign for governor, Edwards has received numerous endorsements from state unions. In fact, the state’s two largest unions, the Louisiana Association of Educators and the Louisiana Federation of Teachers are pooling their resources together in order to form a campaign called, “It’s Time To Get It Right” to support Edwards. He has also amassed national union support – all of the pro-Edwards PAC’s top-dollar donations came from national union offices in Washington, D.C. or Maryland.

3. John Bel Edwards Is A Trial Lawyer And Is Funded By Trial Lawyers. Edwards is a trial attorney, sits on the board of Louisiana’s association of trial attorneys, and has used his position as a state representative to advance the interests of trial attorneys. Edwards owns a two-thirds stake in his trial law firm, and is a member of the board of directors of the Louisiana Association for Justice, the state’s trial lawyer association. As a legislator, Edwards filed numerous pieces of pro-trial lawyer legislation, including bills to extend the time for which worker’s compensation and tort claims could be filed, in addition to increasing the damages cap in medical malpractice lawsuits. Unsurprisingly, lawyers have long been Edwards’ biggest campaign donors.

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