2 years ago

Meet Liberal NY Democrat Zephyr Teachout

Last night, New York Democrats nominated liberal activist and professor Zephyr Teachout as their candidate for the 19th District. National Democrats are now stuck with a candidate who is way too extreme and unqualified to ever win a moderate D+1 district currently represented by a Republican. As general election voters learn more about Teachout, they will be surprised to learn about her radical positions and inexperience.

1. Teachout is an enthusiastic supporter of the extremely liberal Senator Elizabeth Warren and socialist Bernie Sanders.

2. Teachout has zero answers on foreign policy. She has dodged questions about closing GITMO and won’t say how she would respond to a terrorist attack on American soil.

3. Teachout said she “would be thrilled to support Nancy Pelosi.”

4. Teachout refused to denounce the extremist anti-Israel boycott movement (BDS) until pressed by reporters, who described her as sending “mixed signals.”

5. As a liberal activist, Teachout strongly supported Gov. Cuomo’s controversial gun control law – until suddenly flip flopping to oppose it on the first day of her campaign.

6. National Democrats have admitted Teachout’s carpetbagging status is a serious vulnerability.

7. Reporters have speculated whether Andrew Cuomo might “actively sabotage” her campaign.

With all of her radical positions, flip flops, and dodges, liberal activist Zephyr Teachout makes Bernie Sanders look like Richard Nixon.