September 9, 2013

Memo – Hillary Clinton Can’t Be Trusted on Privacy and National Security

America Rising is out with a new memo titled, “Hillary Clinton Can’t Be Trusted on Privacy” ahead of her speech on the issue tomorrowin Philadelphia.

The memo outlines Clinton’s disingenuous track record on the issue, criticizing the surveillance programs as a candidate, while being a leading player in an administration that expanded them.

Memo highlights:

During her last run, Clinton positioned herself as a sharp critic of the Bush Administration’s use of the National Security Agency for intelligence gathering that involved programs that obtained domestic intelligence, and voted against bills authorizing these efforts. However, in 2009 Clinton became a key player in the national security team that engaged in and expanded these very practices.

Clinton’s disingenuous track record on privacy and national security should overshadow any assurances she offers. Whether she chooses to embrace these policies, acknowledging that her 2008 stances were merely politics, or distances herself from programs she was complicit in implementing, the fact remains that on the debate over civil liberties and national security, Hillary Clinton simply cannot be trusted.

In 2006, then-Senator Clinton gearing up for the Democratic primary, sought to challenge the Bush Administration over national security issues. Among the issues she seized upon was the National Security Agency’s telephone surveillance program.

At the time, Clinton declared, “Unchecked mass surveillance without judicial review may sometimes be legal but it is dangerous. Every president should save those powers for limited critical situations.” [1]

In 2008, Clinton voted against extending the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, which Obama Administration Director of National Intelligence James Clapper said authorizes the NSA’s metadata collection programs. [2] In voting against FISAreauthorization, Clinton declared “any surveillance program must contain safeguards to protect the rights of Americans against abuse, and to preserve clear lines of oversight and accountability over this administration.” [3] Of course the NSA programs during the Obama Administration had inadequate safeguards, violating the law thousands of times.

It doesn’t matter what Hillary Clinton says next Tuesday, because her record on civil liberties in intelligence gathering is one of political expedience over privacy or national security. She simply cannot be trusted.

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