September 9, 2016

Miami Herald Buries Patrick Murphy Under His Own Incompetence

Patrick Murphy’s Senate campaign is not going well. Now that Murphy is running against a respected incumbent in Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL), and not a crazy person, he is finding out that there are some things his father’s money can’t buy him. Now in a big new story by the Miami Herald, they chronicle all the ways Murphy’s Senate dream is turning into a nightmare.

The lede of the story gives you a hint at what’s to come: “This isn’t the U.S. Senate campaign Patrick Murphy anticipated.” The story goes on to show how Murphy’s incompetence and lack of accomplishments are responsible for the poor position he’s in.

The story explains that most Floridians have no clue who Murphy is, and those that do see that he’s weak:

“Even after months of campaigning, many likely voters still don’t know who Murphy is or don’t have an opinion of him, polls have shown. He’s also dogged by criticism — even from within parts of his own party — that he’s a ‘weak’ candidate, or at least not one as strong as Democrats expected him to be.”

There’s a reason that Chuck Todd called Murphy “problematic,” and also said that “Democrats really blew it” by in their Senate candidate recruiting. After all the Democrats are stuck with a resume lying, yacht enthusiast who believes that being born in Florida makes him an immigrant.

Murphy has now “altered his strategy” from the primary, but it might be too little, too late. This week saw the fifth ethics complaint filed against Murphy this year. Even more worrisome, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee has already canceled one week’s worth of advertising in support of Murphy. Given that negative stories about Murphy keep popping up, can more weeks of canceled ads be far behind?