August 19, 2016

Miami Herald Embarrasses Patrick Murphy, Endorses Little Known Challenger

Congressman Patrick Murphy (D-FL) thought his father’s money would buy him everything he needed to become a United States Senator. One thing his father’s money can’t buy though is the endorsement of the Miami Herald in the Democratic primary. In humiliating fashion, the Herald passed on endorsing Murphy and instead went with Pam Keith. Even they admit Keith has a “slim to none” chance of winning the primary, but Murphy has been such a bad Senate candidate they did it anyway.

In their non-endorsement of Murphy,the Miami Herald editorial board walks their readers through all the reasons why Murphy is not qualified to become the Democratic nominee. The editorial board points out that Murphy was anointed by the Democratic establishment as the most “palatable” Democratic candidate:

“The party leadership sees Rep. Murphy as more palatable to voters than primary challenger Alan Grayson, a feisty, mince-no-words congressman from Orlando. But that should be up to the voters to decide. That’s why we have primaries instead of appointed nominees. Stacking the deck against Rep. Grayson corrupts the process.”

While the Democratic establishment must of had high hopes for Murphy, the primary has seen one stumble after another. The biggest problem Murphy faced was his history of resume lies and embellishments:

“That’s all well and good. But questions have cropped up about whether the candidate has embellished his résumé. Mr. Murphy, a certified public accountant, told the Editorial Board that any discrepancy was an ‘inadvertent error’ on his website.”

The Herald also points out that Murphy has been very sheltered during the primary, avoiding the voters at every turn. He even ducked the only Democratic primary debate:

“Few public campaign events have been scheduled; and he backed out of debating the other well-known candidate in the race, U.S. Rep. Alan Grayson on the pretext of not wanting to give his opponent, who had been accused of domestic abuse, a political platform. Keep in mind, Rep. Grayson has never been arrested or charged. But Mr. Murphy nonetheless used the allegations as a flimsy excuse to wiggle out of having to confront his opponent. Unseemly for a candidate who pledges to fight tooth-and-nail for Florida’s interests.”

Privileged Pat has had a rough ride these last few months, and that’s even before he’s made it to the general election. This latest embarrassment highlights once again that Murphy’s millions doesn’t mean he’s ready for the big leagues.