May 8, 2016

Michael Bennet Literally Tells Coloradans He Has No Answers

Colorado Sen. Michael Bennet met with the Grand Junction Daily Sentinel’s editorial board on Friday and to say it went badly would be an understatement.

The paper’s top takeaway from the conversation was Bennet literally saying has no clue how to solve the skyrocketing health care costs crippling western and central Colorado, thanks to Obamacare:

Fixing the act, frequently referred to as Obamacare, is next to impossible in the politically charged atmosphere in Washington, D.C., in which Democrats refuse to change it at all and Republicans want to toss it wholesale, Bennet said.

Grand Junction, which was touted as having some of the lowest Medicare costs, also has some of the highest health care costs overall, according to a database study of spending by insurance plans.

Resolving such issues is no clear task, Bennet said. 

“I don’t have answers for Grand Junction, but I’m aware of the problem,” he said.

Bennet did, after all, once say he cared more about Obamacare than his job:

The editorial board was apparently unimpressed with Bennet’s priorities; the write-up was originally titled “Sen. Bennet knows our issues, has no answers,” which can still be seen in the URL address:

Screen Shot 2016-05-08 at 10.28.21 AM


Headlines may change but Bennet’s total disaster of an interview will live in black and white forever.