2 years ago

Michael Bennet Silent On Sanders And Single Payer

At last night’s Colorado Democratic Party annual dinner, Sen. Michael Bennet had plenty of time to launch partisan political attacks – BuzzFeed reported Bennet “tore into the Republican field in a stemwinder of a speech.”

But Bennet wasn’t as interested in discussing the increasingly contentious and competitive Democratic presidential primary between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. Bennet wouldn’t even say whether he would support Sanders – who is making Colorado a focal point of his campaign – as the Party nominee.

Colorado Democrats have already made it clear that they support one of Sanders’ core policy proposals – a left-wing single payer health care plan. A proposal to enact single payer health care will be on the November ballot in Colorado, right alongside Bennet.

Bennet, caught between enraging his liberal base or backing a radical left-wing proposal sure to alienate independent voters, has opted to avoid the issue altogether. He “brushed aside” questions on the ballot initiative from a reporter in November, and hasn’t clarified his stance in the months since then.

With Sanders poised for a strong showing in Colorado’s March caucuses and drawing crowds of thousands across Colorado, Bennet’s continued silence on Sanders and his policy proposals risks turning off his base and becoming a real problem for him in November.