February 23, 2016

Michael Bennet’s Moment Of Truth

The Obama administration confirmed today that Colorado is a top target to receive terrorist prisoners from Guantanamo Bay, bringing an end to Colorado Senator Michael Bennet’s months of attempting to lay low and have it both ways on President Obama’s plan.

Bennet has cast multiple votes in the Senate to enable Guantanamo detainee transfers to the United States. However, as soon as President Obama began moving forward with his plan in an election year and put Colorado in play, the vulnerable senator started hedging his bets, tiptoeing away from the President’s plan. An Associated Press report describes Bennet’s evolving rhetoric on the issue:

The focus on Colorado has put additional pressure on U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet, a Colorado Democrat up for re-election this year. Bennet supports the closure of Guantanamo Bay — saying in December that it “is a symbol all over the world for our not living up to our own values” — but he has been skeptical about the process in which the administration has tried to shutter the facility.

In a statement released Tuesday, he spoke out against the White House plan in some of the strongest language he has used to date.

Now the rubber meets the road for Bennet. The senator who has voted with President Obama 97 percent of the time will either have to take decisive action to stop the President’s dangerous plan or continue to hide behind canned statements while doing nothing to keep Coloradans safe.

The timing couldn’t be worse for Obama and Bennet. Within hours of the President’s announcement, the Associated Press reported that a previously released Guantanamo detainee was among four suspected ISIS terrorists arrested in Spain and Morocco today.