July 23, 2013

Michelle On Issues: Nunn Of The Above

Based upon this incoherent Michelle Nunn launch interview with theAtlanta Journal-Constitution it’s clear she’s following the playbook laid out by many a red state Democrat before her. When asked about their position on unpopular liberal agenda items their answer? Nunn of the Above.

America Rising has derived the following pop quiz for all the Harry Reid hand-picked candidates running in red states hopelessly trying to avoid their liberal positions, Barack Obama and their party:

The Nunn Test

If you were Harry’s Reid’s hand-picked candidate, how would you answer these simple questions…

Do you support ObamaCare?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Nunn Of The Above Because I Don’t Know

Did you coordinate your campaign announcement with Harry Reid?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Nunn Of Your Business, He Called But I Don’t Remember What We Talked About

What would you do to tackle the deficit?

  • Increase Taxes
  • I Got Nunnthin But I’m Going To Talk About How Bad The Deficit Is

Can you outline your policy platform?

  • Nunn Of That Matters


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