September 12, 2013

Michelle Nunn Was Dining With D.C. Insiders During Obama’s Syria Speech

On Tuesday, Georgia Senate-candidate Michelle Nunn attended a fundraiser co-hosted by former liberal presidential candidate Howard Dean at a lobbying firm located on K Street in Washington, D.C.

So what did Nunn do after her fundraiser with some of D.C.’s most liberal politicians and insiders? Well, the obvious choice for an aspiring U.S. Senator would be to watch President Obama’s major foreign policy speech to the American public on Syria.

Instead Nunn was dining at a posh Foggy Bottom restaurant before, during, and after President Obama’s speech:

Michelle Nunn - Michelle Nunn Was Dining With D.C. Insiders During Obama’s Syria Speech 2


If Nunn wants to connect with Georgia voters she might want to pay more attention to serious policy speeches, so she can tell voters where she stands on the issues instead of trying to hide her Democratic Party label.

WSB-TV’s LORI GEARY: “I noticed in your release you never mentioned the word Democrat. But you will have a D on your name on the ballot. How do you at this point overcome a D next to your name on the ballot in a state like Georgia?” MICHELLE NUNN: “Well I think I’m going to be running as an independent minded candidate who is focused on issues and ideas. I’m going to be talking to people what I think is important like the deficit, like jobs, like insuring our children have the opportunities they deserve and need. I’m not so much concerned about labels as I am actually talking about what I think makes a difference for people, which is getting things done, rolling up our sleeves, and working together and that’s the spirit I’m going to bring to this campaign and the Senate.”