November 8, 2013

Michelle Nunn Fundraises In D.C. While 400,000 Georgians Lose Their Insurance

Last night, Michelle Nunn (D-GA) was, once again, in D.C. fundraising with liberal insiders for her upcoming Senate race. The last time Nunn was fundraising with D.C.’s liberal elite, she was too occupied wining and dining to pay attention to President Obama’s major policy speech on Syria.

Nonetheless, she’s back in D.C. trying to shore up liberal cash to influence Georgia voters. Here she is entering the home of Vernon Jordan – yes, that Vernon Jordan.

Meanwhile, back in Georgia, The Associated Press is reporting that as many as 400,000 Georgians are discovering that they are losing their existing health insurance policies because of ObamaCare regulations. Nunn was Harry Reid’s handpicked candidate and continuously supports and defends ObamaCare even though it is hurting hundreds of thousands of families across Georgia.

As many as 400,000 Georgia residents who buy their own insurance could receive cancellation notices or see their plans modified as a result of the Affordable Care Act, state Insurance Commissioner Ralph Hudgens said Wednesday. Hudgens spokesman Glenn Allen said the figures were based on internal estimates, and there was no way to tell at this point how many of those would have their policies cancelled outright. Allen could not say whether those losing their health plan could expect an increase or decrease in premiums under a different plan. Some plans may be grandfathered in under the law.