December 16, 2013

Michelle Nunn, Harry Reid’s Rubber Stamp

Earlier this year, Harry Reid (D-NV) promoted the launch of Michelle Nunn’s (D-GA) Senate campaign by noting that she was “really good” and crucial to implementing President Obama’s agenda.

REID: “And we have some good things going on around in the country. We’re not going to go down easy. We’re going to stay up. I talked to Michelle Nunn today, and I think there will be an important announcement out of Georgia tomorrow. That’s Sam Nunn’s daughter, she’s really good.”

Last Friday, on Bloomberg’s “Political Capital With Al Hunt,” Reid doubled down on his endorsement of Nunn by stating that her campaign was “running extremely well.”

REID: “Not only do we have my incumbents that are doing extremely well, we have states like Kentucky, where we’re ahead there. We have states like Georgia, where Michelle Nunn is running extremely well.”

While Nunn tries to fool Georgians by running a campaign devoid of addressing any issue, if you follow the money, it’s clear to see that Nunn would just be a rubber stamp for Harry Reid and President Obama’s liberal agenda.