April 15, 2016

Michigan Democrat’s Invisible Campaign

Hollywood actress Melissa Gilbert, who recently moved to Michigan’s 8th Congressional District and decided to run for Congress, has been noticeably absent from the campaign trail.

It has been reported that since launching her campaign last year, sightings of Gilbert have been scarce:

“It’s been eight months since Melissa Gilbert announced her run for the eighth congressional district. Sightings have been scarce in Mid-Michigan since then.

What’s more, when Gilbert did surprisingly show up to an event, she refused to talk to the media:

“While she spoke at the podium, she wasn’t willing to talk to us. Her staffers rushed her away as soon as her speech was done…”

For someone who has made a living on television and performing in front of audiences, Gilbert’s sudden shyness is curious. Perhaps it’s her carpetbagger problems, or her IRS troubles, or her huge influx of liberal Hollywood cash to her campaign. Or maybe Gilbert simply has nothing to say to the press, seeing as she doesn’t even have an issues page on her website only months from Election Day.

Whatever the reason, Gilbert is running a sad excuse for a political campaign.