March 10, 2016

Michigan Loss Followed By A Subpar Debate Performance Is Making For A Rough Morning For Clinton

Last night, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders had a debate in Florida that didn’t go so well for Clinton, this morning the media has criticized Clinton for a subpar performance.

Columnist Mike Barnicle pointed out how Clinton’s lack of a message doesn’t, “bode well for her in the fall:”

BARNICLE: Bernie Sanders carries across the board working class people, young people on all the issues that he is talking about. He garners a huge majority of their votes while Mrs. Clinton, despite being in politics for 30 years, has trouble addressing her message to that group of people. And that does not bode well for her in the fall

 The Washington Post’s Dana Milbank wrote that Clinton, “simply hasn’t caught fire with voters anxious about the economy

“But her campaign has a desultory feel right now. She has all but won the nomination, but she’s doing it shakily, by attrition, her superior coalition-building defeating Sanders’s more inspiring message. She simply hasn’t caught fire with voters anxious about the economy, which is why the notion of choosing a populist as her running mate has merit.”

“The math is on Clinton’s side. What’s problematic is the message.”

MSNBC “Morning Joe” Lambasted Clinton for her lack of message:


It’s seems that Clinton’s lack of a message is starting to cause her campaign real problems.