March 11, 2016

Millennials Don’t Trust Clinton, Part 3,549

The handful of states that have held their nominating contests in the Democratic primary have made one thing crystal clear: young voters are not buying into Secretary Clinton’s campaign. That’s no surprise to those who have been keeping an eye on early state polling. Repeatedly, voters say they do not like or trust Clinton, and several outlets have found words like “liar” and “dishonest” to be those most associated with Clinton among the electorate.

To figure out why, Mother Jones’ Kevin Drum digs into Clinton’s “slippery,” lawyerly delivery and the price she’s paying for it among young voters who are looking for straight answers:

The most obvious reason millennials dislike Hillary so strongly is that they think she’s too slippery. “I feel like Clinton lies a lot,” a college student told PBS a few weeks ago. “She changes her views for every group she speaks to. I can’t trust her.” Quotes like that litter the internet, and in tonight’s debate Karen Tumulty asked about it yet again. “Is there anything in your own actions and the decisions that you yourself have made that would foster this kind of mistrust?”

People my age might forgive Hillary a bit of this lawyerlyness because we remember the ’90s and understand the damage that even a slightly misplaced word can cause. But millennials don’t. They just see another tired establishment pol who never gives a straight answer about anything.

Clinton desperately needs young voters to replicate President Obama’s winning coalition. Thus far, she has not been up to the task.