September 20, 2016

Millennials Give Clinton The Cold Shoulder

After the Democratic primary in which millennials flocked to Bernie Sanders, you’d think Hillary Clinton would be used to their cold shoulder by now. Yet apparently that’s not the case, as Clinton and her campaign are in overdrive to appeal to this crucial demographic.

Unfortunately for Democrats, Clinton’s effort is coming up short. Clinton gave a speech intended to appeal to younger voters yesterday, yet all she got was a raft of stories documenting how unenthusiastic millennials are for Clinton. The most memorable moment of Clinton’s unsuccessful speech was when Clinton, “almost pleading,” told those young voters in attendance “I need you”:

“And as Mrs. Clinton concluded a half-hour address here, aimed at young voters who have often proved resistant to her overtures, her tone grew urgent, almost pleading. ‘I need you,’ Mrs. Clinton said, amid the chandeliers and regal wood paneling of a hall at Temple University. ‘I need you as partners, not just for winning this election, but for driving real change.’”

Clinton’s millennial problems are so bad that one of her own running mate’s millennial aged children voted for Sanders over her:

“As part of an appeal to millennials, Tim Kaine, the Democratic vice-presidential nominee, shared this tidbit about his three children on Monday: One of them supported Bernie Sanders over Hillary Clinton during the party’s primary season.”

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