April 7, 2016

Millennials Are #NotWithHer: Hillary Clinton’s Major Campaign Hurdle

With each primary and caucus, Hillary Clinton’s lack of support and enthusiasm from young voters has become more and more apparent. And the recent Wisconsin primary was no different.

Wisconsin millennials were clearly feeling the Bern, delivering a crushing blow to Clinton and preferring Bernie Sanders 82% to 18%:

CNN’s David Chalian: “Eighteen to twenty-nine year olds, Sanders just demolishes Hillary Clinton with this voting group.”

NBC’s Willie Geist: “There are a couple warning signs in there. She got creamed with young voters again.”

CNN’s Ron Brownstein: “The fact that he has won young voters in almost every state, everywhere except Alabama and Mississippi, and he’s won them by even bigger margins than Barack Obama did in 2008 is a signal to the party that there is an audience for a message that goes beyond what they have been offering…”

The lack of support among young voters for the establishment-backed candidate is a problem that Clinton has long since tried to overcome and remains a major issue in her run for the White House:

US News: “In the long run, however, both candidates need to court and turn out the youth vote. Therein lies Sanders’ strength and Clinton’s Achilles heel.”

MSNBC: “The results in Wisconsin underscored each of the candidates biggest demographic weaknesses. […] For Clinton, her demographic Achilles heel remains young people.”

Even millennials who appeared to support her campaign have made it clear where their support really lies:

“The Iowa caucuses were days away, and Hillary Clinton’s campaign had tapped “In the Attic” — a band of four 19- and 20-year-olds from Cedar Rapids — to warm up the audience before she, Bill and Chelsea took the stage. Two days later, the band caucused for Bernie Sanders.”

While Clinton may continue to court and pander to young voters in the hopes of clearing a major hurdle for her campaign, her efforts appear futile as they refuse to fall in line. Millennials’ support for Sanders continues to rage on and shows no signs of stopping.