August 17, 2016

Minnesota Dem Lies About Vote For Higher Taxes, Then Brags About Voting For “Unpopular Taxes”

Terri Bonoff, the Democrat running for Minnesota’s 3rd Congressional District, lied to voters at the first debate about her record on taxes. During the debate, Bonoff tried to claim she didn’t vote for a $1 billion tax increase. But in 2009, Bonoff voted for a $1 billion tax increase that would have increased liquor taxes and created a new tax bracket on high income earners.

Minutes later in the debate, Bonoff clearly demonstrated she has a liberal tax-and-spend record. Bonoff enthusiastically proclaimed, “I have repeatedly been willing to vote for unpopular taxes.”

Minnesotans don’t want someone in Congress who misleads on their record of supporting higher taxes and then brags about voting for unpopular taxes.

REP. ERIK PAULSEN: “Terri has consistently voted for big tax increases and for more spending. She’s voted for a billion dollar tax increase, including a new fourth tier on our individual income tax rate in Minnesota.” … TERRI BONOFF: “And I have been so grateful that the Minnesota Chamber, the TwinWest Chamber, and the NFIB have endorsed my candidacy three different times in my elections. And that is because we have agreed on tax policy. So, just a little correction, Representative Paulsen, I didn’t vote for that tax increase. I actually voted against that tax increase. But we’ll have plenty of time to talk about that.”