October 20, 2016

Minnesota Democrat Doesn’t Rule Out Cutting Social Security Benefits

When asked a direct question about cutting Social Security benefits during a debate today, Democrat Angie Craig (MN-02) did not rule out cutting benefits, despite claiming in the past she would ensure we keep the promise of Social Security for seniors.

MPR’s TOM WEBER: “What about cutting benefits? I mean, that is considered a possibility here with the precarious state Social Security could be in. Do either of you support cutting benefits now with congressional action instead of waiting for the trust fund to be dried up?” JASON LEWIS (R-MN): “You can’t go into a scenario where you’ve made a promise to people, they’ve worked all their lives, and then they get there and you have the rug pulled out from under them. I’m not in favor of that.” ANGIE CRAIG (D-MN): “I’m going to work with whoever’s there in Congress, Republican or Democrat, to figure out a way to sustain Social Security and Medicare—work very hard to do that.”