February 25, 2016

If The Money Talks, Clinton’s “Firewall” Could Be Cracking

Today, Planed Parenthood announced they have launched a seven-figure pro-Clinton ad buy in Michigan, Virginia and Texas.

According to Politico:

“The campaign will use videos, digital ads, phone banks and mailers in support of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who the groups, the political arms of Planned Parenthood, have endorsed in the Democratic presidential primary.”

In January Planed Parenthood made an “unprecedented” primary endorsement of Hillary Clinton, it was the first time in the organization’s 100-year history that they have endorsed a candidate in a primary.

According to CNN:

“Planned Parenthood is planning to spend at least $20 million fighting Republicans at the ballot box next year as the group punches back against GOP efforts to end its federal funding.”

It sounds as though Planed Parenthood was planning on saving its millions for the general election, just like Clinton’s SuperPAC Priorities USA.

Politico is also reporting that Sanders has momentum in several Super Tuesday contests:

“He’s [Bernie Sanders] certain to win his home state of Vermont, where polls show he’s leading by a blowout margin. Other recent surveys show Sanders with a slight lead in Massachusetts and within a few points of Clinton in Oklahoma. In both Colorado and Minnesota, the two caucus states that are the centerpiece of his Super Tuesday strategy, Democratic party officials acknowledge the campaigns are neck and neck.”

It would seem that Clinton’s allies are worried about Sanders momentum, and are spending big in attempt to prevent an epic Super Tuesday collapse.