August 24, 2015

Morning Shows: Hillary Clinton’s Email Scandal And Terrible Poll Numbers Give Joe Biden The Chance To Run

The “drip…drip…drip” of Hillary Clinton’s email scandal and her sinking poll numbers have more Democrats clamoring for a Joe Biden run. The growing speculation around Biden dominated the morning news.

On CBS This Morning, Julianna Goldman reported that at least one Clinton donor is “ready to jump to Biden” if he enters the race. She added the donor is “disappointed” in how the Clinton campaign is handling the email controversy.

On NBC’s Today, Peter Alexander noted that Biden’s “honest and trustworthy” numbers are “just the opposite” of Clinton’s. Alexander said the Biden team is hoping to be “welcomed with open arms” by Democrats who are seeking a “party savior.”

And on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, Mike Barnicle slammed Clinton’s “inability to deal” with the email scandal, calling it the “ultimate vulnerability for the Clinton candidacy.” John Heilemann added the vulnerabilities “[open] the door to Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren.”

The weekend papers also slammed Clinton. USA Today’s editorial board said the Clinton email scandal “is no joke,” adding her decisions with her server “represented bad judgement and recklessness.” The Des Moines Register editorial board piled on, demanding Clinton “drop the pretense” that questions about her emails are only the concern of “pesky reporters and her political enemies.”

Clearly, the struggling Clinton campaign is leaving the door wide open for a more honest and trustworthy challenger.