January 12, 2016

Moveon.org Latest Liberal Group To Choose Sanders Over Clinton

If it’s a day that ends in “y,” that means more bad headlines for Hillary Clinton’s struggling presidential campaign. Today’s negative headline comes courtesy of Moveon.org, a group founded to defend Bill Clinton. They endorsed Senator Bernie Sanders, citing his unprecedented support among the groups millions of members.

In Moveon.org’s two decades of political activity, the only other candidate the group has endorsed is Barack Obama in 2008, which is fitting as news anchors are starting to draw comparisons to Clinton’s poor performance in that race too.

Moveon.org’s endorsement of Sanders also highlighted the growing belief among Democratic primary voters that Clinton has too much baggage to be an effective nominee. One of the main reasons is Clinton’s decades-long ties to special interests and her lack of ethics in public life. They wrote that:

“In our endorsement vote exit poll, one of the words MoveOn members most frequently used to describe him was ‘integrity.’ He isn’t beholden to lobbyists and corporate interests, and it shows in the positions he’s taken, from fighting to break up too-big-to-fail Wall Street banks, to tuition-free public higher education, to expanding Social Security, to fighting for bold solutions on climate change and a $15-hour minimum wage.”

With less than three weeks until the Iowa caucus, Moveon.org is now #feelingthebern, but it’s Clinton’s who’s feeling the heat.