February 24, 2016

MSNBC: Clinton Isn’t Releasing Her Transcripts Because She Is Hiding Something

During last night’s Democratic town hall, Hillary Clinton was asked if she would release the transcripts to her closed-door paid speeches. Clinton yet again dodged the question.

This morning, Bloomberg’s Al Hunt said of Clinton’s transcripts, “Anybody who makes $675,000 from Wall Street speeches ought to release them. Anybody, okay? If you go and get one speech–I mean, she made a lot of money from those speeches. She didn’t need that money.”

National Journal’s Ron Fournier accused Clinton of not telling the truth when it comes to her speeches:

FOURNIER: First of all, she told the American public that ‘when I gave those speeches I took on Wall Street. I told them what they got to do. They got to do it a better way.’ If that was true, she would have released them, okay? So, I suspect she’s not telling the truth. This is an era of transparency, the public has a right to know. Release it. The fact that when she says, you know, why should I do it, everybody else doesn’t? Because, you want to be president. Because supposedly you’re better than the Republican Party. Are you not better than the Republican party? Is that the standard now? You’ll only be as good as the people you tell us are evil. No. You say you’re going to be better. So be better. Release the transcripts and let us make our own decision.

It would seem Clinton’s transcripts will follow her around till Election Day, just like her use of a private email server. . Both show why so many Americans think Hillary Clinton is not “honest and trustworthy.”