January 29, 2016

MSNBC On The Potential Of The FBI Interviewing Hillary Clinton

The ongoing FBI investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of private email server is “far more progressed” than the public knows, according to MSNBC.

Joe Scarborough said of the investigation:

SCARBOROUGH: Most of us around this table are hearing from multiple sources and I’m sure you are, too, that the Hillary Clinton investigation of the FBI is far more progressed were hearing it and Mika and I have been hearing it from the top officials in the Obama administration for actually several months now and we can’t go to a meeting in Washington where we don’t hear that.

​While Bloomberg’s Mark Halperin highlighted the growing “chatter” and concern among Obama administration officials:

HALPERIN: Well, there are three things people are keying off of. There’s a lot of chatter amongst FBI agents, many of whom have never been big fans of the Clinton’s, but a lot of FBI agents seem to be saying something is happening here. Second is from a legal point of view, you look at the recent developments we’ve talked about on the program, it’s hard to see how the Justice Department, the FBI, doesn’t want to interview Secretary Clinton. That interview alone short of an indictment, short of anything else, would be a huge political development and undermine confidence in some Democrats in the notion of going forward with Secretary Clinton and the last thing is there are people in the White House talking about this. It’s not clear whether they know what’s happening or their intuition but the body language among some Obama administration officials is this is more serious and something is going to happen. Again, the timing of it could be if not cataclysmic pretty bad for Secretary Clinton if Senator Sanders is still alive.

Earlier this week Fox News reported:

The FBI is going straight to the source in its investigation of classified emails that crossed Hillary Clinton’s personal server, speaking with the intelligence agencies – and in some cases, the individuals – that generated the information, two intelligence sources familiar with the probe told Fox News.

Investigators are meeting with the agencies and individuals to determine the classification level in the emails. The step speaks to the diligence with which the bureau is handling the investigation, despite the former secretary of state’s claims that the matter boils down to a mere interagency dispute.

With just three days till the Iowa caucuses, the last thing the Clinton campaign probably wants in the news are more reports about a potential FBI interview.

If recent interviews are any guide, talking to the FBI about her secret email sever is not something Hillary Clinton enjoys