December 5, 2016

Mutiny On The Left: Liberal Firebrands Want Democratic Party Control

Retired U.S. Senator Joe Lieberman hardly recognizes his former party.

A Democrat who switched his affiliation to independent when he lost a primary battle in 2006, Lieberman told New York radio host John Catsimatidis, “It’s not the party I worked so hard for when Bill Clinton was president.”

Without naming names, Lieberman worried aloud that the Democratic Party has been hijacked by far-left liberals like Sens. Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren.

“Both parties better watch out not to go back to the extremes — left and right — and instead start working with each other. … The public wants both parties … to work together and solve … problems,” Lieberman said.

And since Hillary Clinton’s defeat to Donald Trump last month, there are signs that Lieberman has real cause for concern.

Democrats are careening hard to the left by potentially electing Rep. Keith Ellison to serve as DNC Chairman. Ellison’s candidacy has hit a snag when CNN began investigating his ties to the Nation of Islam and defense of anti-Semitic figures.

Following Clinton’s loss, a Politico headline blared: “Elizabeth Warren fills the Democratic void,” and Bernie Sanders published an op-ed the Friday after Clinton’s loss in the New York Times that read: “Bernie Sanders: Where the Democrats Go From Here”

By most accounts, this is the far-left’s moment to take control of the party’s direction. If successful, Democrats – who are in the minority in the House and Senate and who lost the White House in 2016 – might find themselves in the wilderness a bit longer.