December 14, 2016

Nancy Pelosi: Democrats Need To Get More Emotional To Win

Democrats need to embrace their touchy-feely side to win back the White House. That’s according to House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, who spoke with reporters yesterday about what Democrats need to do going forward:

“Donald Trump won the election with strong appeals to emotions, particularly on trade issues, House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi said Tuesday. The California Democrat was asked at a meeting with reporters what lessons Democrats had learned in last month’s election.”

Yet, Pelosi’s claim that Democrats need to embrace a more emotional appeal is in reality just a way to claim that the Democrats failed economic messaging wasn’t the reason Clinton lost:

“Because of controversy over Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton’s emails, videos showing Trump making lewd remarks about women and other matters, ‘The Democratic economic message was not coming through,’ she said.”

In reality votes rejected Clinton’s attempt to expand on President Obama’s already disastrous agenda. If Democrats actually wanted to win they’d know the answer isn’t more emotions, but less government.