August 12, 2015

National Poll Shows Plummeting Favorability For Clinton, Growing Chorus For Criminal Investigation

It’s been a bad week for Hillary Clinton. After turning over her server to the Justice Department and falling seven points behind Bernie Sanders in New Hampshire on Tuesday night, it’s hard to imagine her week getting any worse.

But then it did.

A new Monmouth University poll released late Tuesday shows more than half of Americans (52 percent) say Hillary Clinton’s emails “should be subject to a criminal investigation,” including 54 percent of independent voters.

The poll also found Clinton 10 points underwater on favorability, with only 38 percent of voters rating her favorably. Her net favorability is seven points down from a June Monmouth poll, when she was three points underwater.

Nearly twice as many independent voters have an unfavorable view of Clinton (52 percent) as a favorable view (27 percent). She’s even losing ground among Democrats, down seven points in favorability from June.

Whether she’s losing a once-solid lead to Bernie Sanders or watching her favorability slip with every new poll, it’s clear Americans are increasingly wary of Hillary Clinton.

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