December 10, 2015

National vs. Local Union Divide Grows With New Clinton Endorsement

Today the divide between national unions and their local affiliates grew wider, as another national union endorsed Hillary Clinton in opposition to the previous statements of local union leaders.

Today it was the American Federation of Government Employees’ turn to ignore their rank and file members and endorse Clinton. In their endorsement, AFGE claims that they can “count on Hillary Clinton.” Yet previously an Iowa AFGE leader was saying something very different. Bloomberg writes that:

Ken Larson, a local vice president for the American Federation of Government Employees, says he’s worried a Clinton presidency could amount to, “Here I’m going to please the American worker by saying this and this and this, but here I’m going to make this deal that’s going to disparage or harm the American dream.”

So while the national leaders are claiming they can “count on Hillary Clinton,” an Iowa AFGE leader believes Clinton’s current rhetoric can’t be believed. If she won, Ken Larson believes Clinton would sellout the American people.

As Senator Bernie Sanders continues to lead Clinton in early states, this divide can only spell more troubles for Hillary Clinton ahead.