January 21, 2016

Nevada Dem Took Money From Group He Rails Against

Yesterday, the Las Vegas Sun reported that Democratic candidate for Nevada’s 4th Congressional District and current state Senator, Ruben Kihuen, has decided to skip North Las Vegas’ State of the City address next week.

Kihuen said he will not be attending the event because it will be held at Station Casinos property and Station Casinos engages in unfair treatment of its employees.

Yet, in 2013 Kihuen had no problem accepting campaign contributions to his state senate re-election race from Station Casinos. The Kihuen campaign even went so far as to say they were “pleased” by the contribution, showing no signs of internal conflict over the casino’s labor practices.

It’s hard to know what’s more shocking, Kihuen’s hypocrisy or his blatant opportunism.