November 13, 2015

Nevada Democrat Gives Advice On Running For Office Despite Disastrous Record

Democrat Lucy Flores, who is running for Nevada’s 4th Congressional seat, is proving she’s more interested in being in the political spotlight than in serving constituents. Yesterday, Flores appeared on a webinar to educate individuals about running for office.

FLORES: “The other thing I would say is just get really involved. Figure out what it is that drives you, figure out what motivates you, what are you passionate about? You know, I saw somebody on the chat asking, ‘Well what race should I look at, what office should I look at?’ It’s not about what office becomes available, because if that office is available, if you’re not really interested in it, or it doesn’t really drive you, or, you know, that’s not your passion, you’re not going to be good at it.”

While serving in the Nevada legislature, Flores was voted “Worst Assembly Member” by her colleagues. She went on to run an embarrassing campaign for Nevada Lieutenant Governor, where she was only able to garner 33% of the vote. Now, Flores is running a struggling campaign without the support from elected Democrats or voters in her district. Despite these repeated failures, Flores has floated the idea of running for Nevada Governor or even President of the United States.

One wonders if Flores is truly “passionate” about any of her political endeavors, considering her repeated failures, or if these runs are simply an excuse to remain in the political spotlight.