August 21, 2015

Nevada Democrat Grilled By Ralston

Democratic candidate for Nevada’s 4th Congressional District, Lucy Flores, had a rough time when she appeared on Jon Ralston’s “Ralston Live” Thursday night. Ralston, known for his blunt and hard-hitting questions, did not hold back on Flores, grilling her about her failed Lieutenant Governor campaign and wondering why voters would support her after her crushing 26-point defeat.

Ralston went on to raise questions about Harry Reid, who backed Flores during her Lieutenant Governor race but has refused to endorse her Congressional bid.

Defending her ability to garner support in a crowded primary, Flores points to the “more than 50 grassroots leaders” who have endorsed her. Ralston correctly notes that she’s going to “need more than 50 votes to win that primary.”

Finally, Ralston wonders why Flores, who boasts she is focused on “the issues,” doesn’t have an “Issues” page on her campaign website. When Flores explains that she’s trying to be “frugal,” Ralston bluntly states, “Because you can’t raise money.”

Watch the rest of Flores’ disastrous interview here.