May 13, 2016

Nevada Democrat Refuses To Place Any Blame On Harry Reid For DC Gridlock

Nevada Democrat Jacky Rosen clearly missed the memo that today is National Blame Someone Else Day when she staunchly refused to place any blame on Harry Reid for the gridlock and dysfunction in Washington. Reid actively recruited Rosen to run for the 3rd Congressional District after a series of recruiting failures.

In an interview with top Nevada journalist Jon Ralston, Rosen blatantly ignored the facts that Reid was part of the problem when he was Senate Majority Leader. Her defense of Harry Reid proves she would be a hyper-partisan liberal Democrat in Washington.

KNPB’S JON RALSTON: “And do you think your newfound mentor Harry Reid is responsible at all for the dysfunction in Congress and for the gridlock that exists there, or do you blame the Republicans entirely? A lot of people think Harry Reid has something to do with it too.” ROSEN: “Well, I’ll tell you one thing, if Senator Reid were Senate majority leader, we’d be voting on Merrick Garland for the Supreme Court. We’d have a full Supreme Court. If Harry Reid were the Senate majority leader like he was, we’d probably be working more towards comprehensive immigration reform. So I believe Senator Reid has worked over the years. He’s had a long career going across the aisle and making sure that things are done right for not only Nevada but for the country.” RALSTON: “So you don’t think he’s responsible at all? It’s all the Republicans. They’re completely to blame for the gridlock in Washington?” ROSEN: “Well, I think what happens is it kind of builds on itself and it’s gotten out of control. And that’s why this election cycle there’s a lot of people that are newcomers to politics like myself that want to come and change the equation.”