October 30, 2015

Nevada Democrat Says She Has “Always Been Open To Debates,” Decides To Skip Debate

When it comes to debates, Nevada Democrat Lucy Flores sure is hypocritical. Flores, one of four candidates running in the 4th Congressional district, declined to attend a debate next week sponsored by the Clark County Black Caucus.

ralston on debate

It’s an incredibly hypocritical move by Flores, considering in August she told prominent political reporter Jon Ralston, “I have always been open to debates.”

RALSTON: “I hope you will be willing to come back, if we can arrange it, to debate your opponent so people can really see.” FLORES: “Well you know, I have always been open to debates.” RALSTON: “You have and you have never let me down in that way.”

Further adding to her hypocrisy, earlier this summer, Flores called on her opponents to debate “Not just once, but several times.”

FLORES: “I do think when we start to compare records, when that information starts to go out there. When hopefully we have some debates, and I do hope all the candidates will be open to debate because in the last lieutenant governors race unfortunately Mark avoided debating me as much as humanly possible [Host interjects] unfortunately its been a strategy, unfortunately it has been a strategy that’s tended to work. So I do hope all of them intend to debate because I do think if people are going to run they should run on their record […] And I do hope the majority of Democrats, especially our activist base and those people who are really, really who our party faithful, I hope they will demand that all of the candidates debate. Not just once, but several times throughout the cycle. I do think it’s important and I think it’s something that’s being lost in the political process because of all these bad things we talked about. These attack ads, the money, you know trying to attack each other as relentlessly as you can.”

For someone who allegedly loves debates, it’s pretty insincere to miss the first debate of the campaign. One wonders if this is Flores’ “strategy” or the first major indication that her campaign is imploding.