November 12, 2015

Nevada Democrat Shills For SEIU-Backed “Fight For 15”

On Tuesday, Nevada Democrat Lucy Flores spoke to a crowd that had overrun a local McDonalds to shill for the SEIU-backed “Fight For 15” movement. Flores, who is running for Nevada’s 4th Congressional seat, riled up the crowd and claimed she was there to “support” their fight for a $15 minimum wage.

What Flores didn’t tell the crowd, however, is that this supposed “grassroots” campaign is really just a thinly veiled attempt by the SEIU to gain millions of new dues-paying members. That’s good news for Democrats like Flores, who rely on unions to fund their political campaigns, but bad news for workers, who would see an increase in unemployment if such policies were put in place. Flores may say she supports wage increases, but really it’s just a way to put more money in her campaign coffers.