November 9, 2015

Nevada Democrat Skips Community Event To Travel To D.C.

Nevada Democrat Lucy Flores seems to have a lot of “scheduling conflicts.” Flores, who is running for the state’s 4th Congressional District seat, skipped a local community event on Sunday. The event, which was broadcast via Periscope and promoted by Flores on social media, presented an opportunity for voters to discuss educational reform in the state. According to sources in the video, Flores was invited to the event, but went to D.C. instead.

Minute 1:03: ATTENDEE: “[Lucy Flores] was asked if she wanted to join us today but she had to be in D.C. She said she had a scheduling conflict.” VASQUEZ-HELIG: “Yes unfortunately Lucy Flores could not be here, she had some responsibilities out of town.”

Flores has received criticism recently over her decision to skip a Democratic primary debate, which she also blamed on an alleged scheduling conflict. As Flores continues to miss district events, one wonders what she values more: gallivanting to D.C. or meeting with voters in her district.