March 9, 2016

Nevada Democratic Primary Circus Adds A New Clown

The Democratic primary for Nevada’s 4th Congressional District just became more ridiculous than it already is. Yesterday, it was reported that former Democratic Nevada Assemblyman, Morse Arberry Jr., had thrown his hat into the ring to run for the seat. There’s just one problem: he’s been accused of multiple felonies..

“Arberry served in the Assembly from 1984-2010. Term limits prevented him from seeking another legislative term.

The Nevada Attorney General’s Office filed six felony counts against him for depositing about $120,000 in campaign checks into his personal account, but
those were dropped when he pleaded guilty in 2011 to a misdemeanor charge of fraudulent appropriation of money.

He received a six-month suspended sentence.”

In a primary that already features Ruben Kihuen, Harry Reid’s protégé/puppet; Lucy Flores, a loyal socialist; John Oceguera, a failed Congressional candidate turned lobbyist; and Susie Lee, an out-of-touch millionaire, it is perhaps fitting that someone accused of multiple felonies would join the circus.