February 16, 2016

VIDEO: Nevada Isn’t Clinton Country

As the Democratic primary process turns to Nevada, former front-runner Hillary Clinton finds herself in a lot of trouble after getting demolished in New Hampshire, by a 74-year-old self-evolved socialist.

If Clinton is hoping to turn around her floundering campaign in Nevada, she might want to re-think that stagey. Clinton has a troubled history with the people of Nevada.

During the 2008 primary, Clinton drew criticism for attempting to suppress the minority vote in the state.

Then in 2014 Clinton again drew criticism for an outrageous speaking fee of $225,000 from the University of Nevada Las Vegas. This fee, as well as the specific riders and benefits that Clinton demanded of the University was the centerpiece of a detailed criticism by Nevada political reporter Jon Ralston, who compared Clinton to a monarch. Ralston interviewed student leaders from UNLV, who called on Clinton to return the money.

In 2015 Clinton gave a press conference regarding her use of a private-email server. Fox’s Ed Henry pressed Clinton on whether she wiped her private email server. Clinton jokingly responded, “what with like a cloth?” This comment was widely condemned.

Nevada was once thought to be part of Clinton’s “firewall” that however no longer seems to be the case.