January 4, 2016

New America Rising PAC Video: Clinton’s “Secret Weapon?”

The Clinton campaign is dispatching their so-called “Secret Weapon” in New Hampshire today. Former President Bill Clinton will campaign on his wife’s behalf in the Granite State in the month-plus push before the first caucuses and primaries.

The campaign is heralding the addition of Bill Clinton as a coup, but a look at his 2015 campaign moments reveals he may be more of a liability than an asset.

Highlights include Clinton saying he will continue giving high-priced speeches because he needs to “pay our bills.” The Clintons earned $30 million in a recent 16-month period, and are reportedly worth $55 million.

Clinton also dismissed questions about The Clinton Foundation by saying “I just work here” and in another interview, “You never know what peoples’ motives are” when donating to his Foundation. The Clinton Foundation has been at the center of intense focus for unethical behavior for accepting donations from foreign governments with business before the State Department.

What’s clear is Bill Clinton has lost a few miles per hour from his fastball. Stay tuned for the gaffes that await in 2016.