November 10, 2016

New America Rising Video: ‘Got Some Results’

The political story of 2016 is that the American people had a historically low opinion of Hillary Clinton’s honesty and trustworthiness. Since America Rising’s founding in 2013, we have been driving that very narrative day in and day out. During every phase of Hillary Clinton’s failed run for the presidency, America Rising was there pointing out her laughable flip-flops, her lies, and her failed record.

As the above video shows, America Rising was relentless in pushing every angle related Clinton’s lack of honesty. Even a cursory look at the exit polls shows that a major reason why Clinton lost is that she could never get the American people to trust her.

In fact, 61% of those polled said that Clinton was not honest and trustworthy. No story better encapsulates Hillary Clinton’s problems with the truth than her email scandal. In the exit polls, 63% of Americans said that “Clinton’s use of private email” bother them. Donald Trump’s victory combined with the excellent performance of Senate and House Republicans can be largely attributed to Democrat’s top of the ticket woes.